We are a group of New Jersey waterfront communities that meet monthly in a workshop setting, to discuss common municipal issues. Formed in response to the 2012 Super Storm Sandy, we have met regularly since January 2013.


Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month at various participant facilities. These meetings are conducted in a non-political manner and include elected officials, County and Municipal staff as well as selected professionals.


We recognize that “Mother Nature” periodically wreaks havoc on the Jersey Shore and work to avoid the “Fix and Forget” mentality that has existed in response to coastal events such as the 1944 September Hurricane, the 1962 “March Storm”, the three 1991-92 Northeasters,  and the 2016 Winter Storm Jonas that caused such devastation to our communities.


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The Atlantic- Cape May Coastal Coalition is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of New Jersey. Our mission is to build more resilient communities at the Jersey Shore by developing policies and practices that will anticipate future concerns and to create solutions to be shared by all participants.

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